Eva Eva

Eva is a special environmentally friendly rubber that is related to polyolefins and has many useful properties. In folk terms, it is a special foam material in which pores are closed. Material has soft, porous (foam) structure, viry light, lightly wooled to the touch. Eva is used in production of summer, beach, home and sport shoes.

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The EVA material is known as "copolymer", which is result of combination of two different plastics, that together are perfectly capable of withstanding any deformation and return the origin shape.

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The EVA material has excelent amortizing properties, and also has ability to absorb and distribute loads. The EVA sole is light and tight, which make your feets less tired, walking is comfortable.

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EVA is a completely waterproof material due to the sealed bubbles of foamed rubber and the absence of stitches, so the rainy and damp weather in the shoes with the sole of the EVA will not frighten to you.

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Wear resistance

This foam material has received excellent durability, so the sole will serve for many years. There is protection against exposure to chemicals such as oils and solvents.

Thermal isolation

EVA has a porous structure, i.e. filled with microscopic air bubbles. And this not only contributes to ease, but also creates excellent thermal insulation. For example, in rubber boots at 0C it is already cold, even with a warm sock, and in cast shoes from EVA - heat. In addition, EVA shoes can withstand temperatures up to -60 degrees Celsius.

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EVA has a very low specific weight, and the sole is practically weightless. Lightness is the main advantage of the EVA material. It is much lighter than other analogues used in shoe production, such as rubber, PVC or polyurethane. For example, EVA is four times lighter than PVC, and cast thermal rubber is six times heavier.

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